Across Cultures

Cinema and Representation

A Voice From Within

By Albert Ohayon and Marc St-Pierre, NFB Collection Analysts

Person interviewed

Pierre Sidaoui

Lebanese-born Pierre Sidaoui left his country in 1988 because of the civil war. After living in Mexico, birthplace of his paternal grandmother, he moved to Quebec in 1991. Although he has a degree in civil engineering, he went back to school to study film. Since then he has worked in the field as script writer, director and teacher. A Scent of Mint (2002) was the first film he directed professionally.


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A Scent of Mint [2002]
Excerpt - 1:32

Minoru: Memory of Exile [1992]
Excerpt - 3:07

A Sleeping Tree Dreams of Its Roots [1992]
Excerpt - 3:12

A Scent of Mint [2002]



L'arbre qui dort rêve à ses racines
1992, director: Michka Saäl

Excerpt (3:12)

The filmmaker speaks directly to the camera to recount her experiences with an immigration officer. She talks to the camera as if she were confiding to a friend. She uses shots of a faceless bureaucrat handling her file to help illustrate her story.

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